Mallory Kurtz

Mallory Kurtz

7th Grade ELA/History Teacher

My Bio

Hello! My name is name is Mallory Kurtz and I am so excited to start my first year at San Tan Charter School as the 7th grade ELA/History teacher. I grew up in New York, but have spent the last decade in Arizona so I’m almost used to the heat. I have a dog named Bailey and a cat named Len. When I’m not in the classroom, I enjoy yoga, reading, spending time with my nephew Amare and my little brother Rex, adventuring with my friends, and binge watching the latest Netflix.

Education has always been a passion of mine and as I spent time studying human rights and the global community, I realized that education is the most powerful tool for the empowerment of people. I truly believe that education is the vehicle through which we can change the world. Wherever there is a desire to learn, it is my duty as an educator to teach. My biggest hope for your student is that they leave my classroom with not only a lasting love for learning, but the steadfast belief that they are capable of achieving their dreams, whatever they might be.

I am beyond excited to be joining the San Tan community this year. I’m so encouraged by the excitement, urgency, and love that I’ve experienced on this campus.  I cannot wait to meet, teach, and grow with my students this year. We have an amazing year ahead of us!